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Our family has been designing custom monuments for New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 70 years. Home of the largest selection of monuments, markers, and memorials in the state. We can complete your monument within 2 weeks from the time of purchase. You can avoid paying a middle-man as we do everything in-house. As a one-stop shop, we design, furnish, engrave, deliver and install your monument for one low price. Our services also include on-site engravings, inscriptions, cleanings, etchings, and monument restorations.  For an important purchase such as this, you must have a brick-and-mortar business that you can trust. 

Customize in 4 easy steps!

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Confirm size and style

Each cemetery has different size restrictions for monuments. The styles we offer include Upright Monuments, Slant Markers, Flat Markers, Bevel Markers and Bronze Markers. If you are unsure of the size or style required, call our office and we will check on your behalf.

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Select the color granite

Choices include-  Gray, Jet Black, Charcoal, Impala, Bahama Blue, Vega Blue, Strawberry Red, Tropical Green, Evergreen, Mahogany, Coffee Brown, Imperial Pink, Paradisio, Catseye and More! 

03 .

Design your monument.

Bracoloni Memorials gives you complete customization of your monument. Every monument we make is unique and special. Feel free to add text and artwork to your memorial. Carefully review your design to make sure all names, dates, spelling and punctuation are correct. 

04 .

Submit design for an estimate

Send us your monument and we will call or email you within 1 business to relay the cost and turn-around time. If you select a monument we have in stock, we can have in completed in 2-5 business days.

Everything you could need

We offer multiple designs and concepts.

When you customize your item, there is truly nothing more than leaving something meaningful and loving. We are more than happy to help.